Monday, August 29, 2011


Does anyone still read this? I have been thinking about quitting blogging. Anyone want to talk me out of that?

Any who....I really like this card in person. But the picture is BLUH!!! The card is Kraft color and then I used quilling for the design. It was featured in the Stampin' Up! demonstrator magazine this month and it looked so cute that I had to give it a try right away! I like the flowers....which hard to see in the pic. They are made with an 1/8 of an inch thick strip of paper. I rolled it, glued it down and added a rhinestone. Easy!

Anyone have some picture tips for me? I have tried all different ways of using my ott lights. And my pics look worse than when I didn't have any light at all. Help!!!


connie d said...

Hi, Jamie--

I read your blog quite often so please don't stop!! :-) I like your clean and simple style. It's also fun to hear about your family from time to time. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!

Diana Gibbs said...

Hey Jamie, I love it, and no way don't stop blogging!
Some day you need to come over and I can show you how I take my pictures!


Susan Carlson said...

Keep blogging!!! I don't have a photo box, so I usually take my photos in natural lighting. My OTT craft light is way too bright to use for taking photos. Maybe you have a different kind.