Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Flowers

I made this card a few weeks ago when I first got the stamp set. I have gotten better with the stamps since I made it, but I still love the colors and simplicity so I thought I would share.

On Mother's Day, my MIL got me a bouquet of spring flowers. I loved them! Such pretty colors and they live much longer than roses do. A couple of days later I moved them to the kitchen counter for more sunlight. The next morning, I noticed that the vase was drying in the sink. What happened to my flowers?!!! Turns out that my dear husband thought that I put the flowers on the counter because they were dead. Never mind that they didn't look the least bit dead!!! So anytime I get the chance, I tease him about the pretty spring flowers that used to be!

I had a fantastic trip and I am looking foward to getting back to stamping!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A purse that doesn't break the bank...

I can't believe how much money you can spend on a purse! I would NEVER pay what some are willing to pay! First, I really don't care what is "in." I have my own style and feel no need to copy the in crowd. Also, I am afraid of commitment. I like to change purses when I see something cute. When you pay hundreds of dollars on a purse, you can't just get a new one a few months later! That being said, I bought a purse that was much more than I wanted to spend. But it is gorgeous!!! Meet Big Buddha...

It is big enough for my usual purse stuff plus my camera and kindle. And it still doesn't feel stuffed. And it is soooo soft! It is my new best friend.

So, you ask, what does this have to do with stamping? I made a cute purse from paper! And it definatly will not break the bank!

Isn't it cute?! I used this template. And it opens up too. I filled it with these notecards...

I made this special treasure for a friend. She moved to Nashville over a year ago and I am flying out there to see her tomorrow!!! I am so excited!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Setting the house on fire in the name of stamping

So I was using a glue gun today to make the flowers on my card when the glue gun suddenly burst into flames! I screamed and jumped a mile. Luckily I was wise enough to unplug it and the fire died down. The only damage are some blisters. It could have been far worse. But I was right in the middle of making my card and I needed hot glue to finish. So I actually run to Wal-Mart to grab a new one. What do you suppose are the odds of two of my glue guns catching on fire?

The good news.....I think the card came out nice!
I love the little ribbon flowers! I have been wanting to make these for some time now.

So was it worth the fire?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where oh where has my mind gone?

I am having one heck of a scatter brained day! And I mean more than the usual!

Today two of the kiddos had water days at school. I did a terrible job getting them ready! Kid #1: No towel or sunscreen. Kid #2: No towel, sunscreen, water bottle, sand pail, backpack or clothes to go over her swimsuit. Plus, she was wearing her sister's swimsuit and so half of her bum was sticking out! Water day was a big fail for mommy!!!

Then, this afternoon- I got all the way to the kids' school (15 minute drive) only to realize that I took the wrong vehicle! A super small car does not cut it when picking up 6 kids! I had to make a 30 minute round trip to get the right car.

I think I should just call it a day and go to bed before I cause anymore havoc!

Now on to the stamping....
I made this card at least a week ado and it is a CASE of one that I found on Splitcoast. And being the scatter brain that I am, I didn't not save the link so I could share who made the original :(

I am off to search for my mind. Let me know if you spot it.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I finally finished the gifts for teacher appreciation week (which was last week)! It took me forever! I actually made 4. And after working on them for nearly a week, I finish and wouldn't you know it? I forgot to send them to school with the kids! Ha! They have waited this long, so what's another few days!

I do like the way they turned out! (But note to self- you don't want to make these next year. Once is enough!)

It is also finally Friday! The kids will be gome in a few minutes and we can start our weekend of fun with some swimming!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good News Email!

I was running around on Monday like a chicken with my head cut off- when I got the best email! Cards Magazine wants to publish one of my cards in their October issue! I am so excited. I have had 3 other cards published- but it has been a long time. I am especially proud since I have only gotten back to stamping for about a month. Now I know many of you are getting published every month and are not all that impressed with this. But I don't get published often and so you can't rain on my parade!

The card I am showing you today is one of the first cards I made after my long break. I CASED it from Kristina Werner. Of course, he card is way better than mine! I miss the times when Kristina worked for Stampin' Up! but I still love her stamping style.

This was a super hard card for me to photograph. I punched a circle in the front and added 3D butterflies to the inside.

I am still working on the teacher gifts. But I took a break and spent about 10 hours (so far) working on pictures, videos and scrapbooks for my twins' Kindergarten graduation. I am already getting a bit emotional. I am a cry baby when it comes to this sentimental stuff. So back to my work.....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I may be a tad biased.....

....but my kids are the cutest kids EVER!

I have lots of really fun pictures from this portrait session. They take forever to load to this blog so if you want to see them check out this link.

This has been the perfect Mother's Day. I had a date night with the hubby last night. He took me shopping!! This morning they all made me breakfast and gave me flowers and super cute hand made cards. Then I got to go to the salon for a sassy hair do. And finally, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! I am tired and full. But I am going to pick up my stamps right now and get inky! I hope that you all had a special Mother's Day and that you are also getting some time to do those things you love.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome Spring?

It was 100 degrees today and we spent the afternoon in the pool. (Which is why I have a sunburn tonight.) And so I have to laugh at this card...I made it a few weeks ago. Spring only lasts 2 weeks around here. I missed the window of opportunity to post it and send it to someone!

The stamp is from Papertrey Ink and everything else is SU!

I have spent the past 3 days working on making teacher gifts. I intended to bring them in this week for teacher appreciation week. But I ran out of the red sticky tape! I guess I will just have to appreciate the teachers next week! But seriously, next year when I want to make elaborate teacher gifts for 4 sets of teachers- someone pinch me. 3D paper crafts take me forever. Oh well. They are super cute and I will post as soon as I find some sticky tape.

I probably won't have time to post this weekend. Tomorrow is dance class, Mother's Day lunch with my in laws and date night. And I am getting my hair done and going out with my kiddos on Sunday. So happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Live, Laugh & Love

Just a quick post with another one of the cards that I made at Diana's class. I love simple so this is perfect for me.

I am tired, sunburned and subbing again tomorrow. I am calling it an early night. But I did place an order for some new stamps and I can't wait to play with new goodies!