Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your Special Day

My husband celebrated his 28th birthday last week. He had school all day, but I still wanted to make his day special. So the girls and I filled his car with balloons. And then he came home to a brand new grill. You really would have gotten a  laugh out of seeing me buy, load, and unload this grill with 3 little ones at my feet. Fun times!!! Well you can't have a grill and not have a BBQ. So I secretly invited some of Scott's friends and family over for a surprise birthday BBQ. So his whole day was full of surprises! And it will be hard to top next year!!!! But I will worry about that in another 11 months or so!

So here is the first scrapbook page I made of his birthday....


Everything comes from a kit called Little Mr. Big Man and I got it from the Sweet Shoppe.

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