Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where oh where has my stamping time gone?!!!

I think that my kids may be responsible for the missing stamping time! Between dance, piano, soccer, gymnastics, girl scouts, boy scouts, their school, my volunteer time, MOPS, bible study, and my own schooling-- I am so incredibly booked!Then there are weeks like this one where I also had to figure in an orthodontist appointment, an audiologist appointment, and an IEP meeting. And can you believe that I spend nearly 2 hours every day doing homework with my children? The oldest is only in 1st grade!!!! Oh well! I love my life! Even when it is CRAZY! It is everything I always wanted to be able to do with my children! The only thing missing is my sacred stamping time!

So a couple of nights ago, I forced my eyes to stay open long enough to make a digi layout about my girls dancing at the Diamondbacks baseball game.

And a little sad looks like I am going to be loosing this blog :( I just can't afford to pay the hosting fee. Hopefully I can figure out how to transfer everything over to a blogger account that is free. I am bummed though!


Connie Davis said...

Hi, Jamie--

Such lovely creations on your blog! I hope you're able to convert over to another blog because I would miss you in the stamping blog world. :-)

Sandy said...

I know! If only we had days with a few more hours in them, but knowing me I would book those hours too!

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