Saturday, September 4, 2010


I absolutly LOVE making Halloween cards. I don't know why! I hardly ever remember to send them to anyone and yet each year I feel so drawn to make dozens of them! So this is the first of what will probably be many!

I am so bummed I had to use this retired Halloween paper! The new paper is so darn cute and I was bummed that I forgot to add it to my order!!! But this old stuff is still fun. I love the ribbon treatment. I just put some sticky strip across the paper and then bunch up the ribbon slowly from one side to the other. Simple and fun.

Everytime my kids look at this card, they giggle. So funny!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

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Jeanine Bezinque said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday, prob. cuz my birthday is the day after on all Saints day...that does make me a saint right....thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!