Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Flowers

I made this card a few weeks ago when I first got the stamp set. I have gotten better with the stamps since I made it, but I still love the colors and simplicity so I thought I would share.

On Mother's Day, my MIL got me a bouquet of spring flowers. I loved them! Such pretty colors and they live much longer than roses do. A couple of days later I moved them to the kitchen counter for more sunlight. The next morning, I noticed that the vase was drying in the sink. What happened to my flowers?!!! Turns out that my dear husband thought that I put the flowers on the counter because they were dead. Never mind that they didn't look the least bit dead!!! So anytime I get the chance, I tease him about the pretty spring flowers that used to be!

I had a fantastic trip and I am looking foward to getting back to stamping!

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