Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where oh where has my mind gone?

I am having one heck of a scatter brained day! And I mean more than the usual!

Today two of the kiddos had water days at school. I did a terrible job getting them ready! Kid #1: No towel or sunscreen. Kid #2: No towel, sunscreen, water bottle, sand pail, backpack or clothes to go over her swimsuit. Plus, she was wearing her sister's swimsuit and so half of her bum was sticking out! Water day was a big fail for mommy!!!

Then, this afternoon- I got all the way to the kids' school (15 minute drive) only to realize that I took the wrong vehicle! A super small car does not cut it when picking up 6 kids! I had to make a 30 minute round trip to get the right car.

I think I should just call it a day and go to bed before I cause anymore havoc!

Now on to the stamping....
I made this card at least a week ado and it is a CASE of one that I found on Splitcoast. And being the scatter brain that I am, I didn't not save the link so I could share who made the original :(

I am off to search for my mind. Let me know if you spot it.

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