Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School Teacher Gift

My oldest just started Kindergarden this week. Where is the world has the time gone?! When we were shopping for school supplies, Kyler asked me if I would help him make a present for his teacher. Isn't that sweet?!! I just thought it was adorable. And of course I helped him!!! We made his Teacher, Mrs. Rivera, a folder full of Monogram stationary. (Sorry about the pictures. I forgot to take pics until we got to school that morning!)

Click HERE for instructions.

And here is a scrapbook page I made  with the pics of my little guy on his first day of school...

I am warning you that things are super crazy around here. We have a few health concerns to deal with. Plus my hubby and I both start school on Monday. So bear with me as I try and get used to a new schedule and so forth. I promise I will be back. I miss my stamping so much!

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Simmy said...

What a special day for Kyler. Congrats to him (and you) on the start of many happy school memories !! My baby is starting high school this year ... what a scary thought !!