Thursday, June 30, 2011

Having one of those days....

I was all ready to post earlier- but for some reason or another we didn't have an internet connection! And then when we got that cleared up- my computer wouldn't show me any of my pics and so I couldn't upload. But I was relentless and so I have a card to show ya.

I am pretty sure that I was the last one out there to buy the Aviary set. I remember everyone getting excited last year when it came out. I was like "Why all the fuss? That isn't cute." But then I started to see some cards made with it. I even got to use it at a class. And what do you know? Now I think it is cute and had to order it for myself! Please tell me that happens to you too.

It is a very simple card, but I think the pearls make it special.

More on my day.....I discovered that I have lost my coupon binder. If there are any avid couponers out there- you know just how important the binder is. It is almost like losing a kid. I called stores and checked everywhere. I am to the point that I know I need to start a new one. (I guess that is a difference between the coupon binder and kids. I can replace the binder. But replacing one kid with another is generally frowned upon.) So I am off to work on coupons even though I would rather be stamping.

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