Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So I have a cute card for you today that I CASED from Tami. But the pictures really aren't so good! I am having some trouble with lighting in my stamp room these days! But hopefully you can see how darn cute this guy is. The owl punch is new to me. I think I am the last stamper out there to get it!

Then you open the card...

He is just peeping out of the hole in the front! Can you see the clouds? This has always been one of my favorite techniques.

I am still having trouble finding my stamping mojo! Even my scrapbooking mojo is tough to locate. I hate these dry spurts! I will keep looking for the mojo! But my husband and I are leaving this week on a trip to Washington DC and New York City! I have never been to either place and so I am just bursting with excitement. A Government teacher just HAS to go to DC! And a lover of the theater MUST see Chicago on Broadway! But at any rate....don't be surprised if you don't hear from me this week.

Happy stamping!

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