Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Easy Hand-Made Gift

My DH just found out this morning that his grandmother was in the hospital. She has been dealing with breast cancer for the past couple of months but this time she was in the hospital because of a tear in her intestine. She sounded sad on the phone so we decided to pack the kids up and take them to Tucson (about an hour drive) to visit. I only had a few minutes- but I knew that I wanted to make something to cheer her up And I remembered this awesome (and simple) tutorial from Dannie Graves.

So here is my Notecard Folder using the Bella Rose DSP, Kiwi Kiss, and Riding Hood Red Cardstock, and my Pretties kit!

Yum! Don't you love the new Kiwi Kiss striped ribbon?!
This is what it looks like after you untie the ribbon and open the folder. Inside, I have post-card type cards and some envelopes.

You could embellish these more- but my time was limited. It took about 10 minutes to complete the entire project!!!

I will be making more of these!