Monday, August 18, 2008

Some kid pics from the weekend!!!

I am still having a love affair with my new camera! And I think that my family is getting sick of it! But that doesn't stop me. I'll just have to find someone else's kids to take pictures of!!! But, first, here are a few pics of my kids from the weekend!

Here is Makenzie playing at the mall play area. It isooo hot out that we had to go to the mall to stay cool!

And here is Danika with dinner all over her face!

And - Kyler. He would not smile! I love the ice cream on his lips!!!

And here are the three "big" kids outside the movie theater yesterday afternoon. Yes- I took my camera to the movie! And I took LOTS of pics!

I will have to post some pics of Laynee tomorrow. I didn't realize that I hadn't uploaded any pics of her today.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the polka dotted dresses!!!!
Love Cousin Jen

azhawk said...

I love the picture of Makenzie! The one with Kyler and girls is great too! He looks so big.