Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet Cooper!

Sorry I didn't post last night. For some reason my Internet was not cooperating. Plus- I took some allergy medicine and about 30 minutes later I was out like a light. I think it was like 8PM!!!! Do you want to see why I needed allergy medicine?!!!

We adopted a puppy yesterday! His name is Cooper and he is about 2 months old and a Lab mix. He is sooo good with the kids. He has quickly become Kyler's best friend! Kyler even read him a story last night! My DH is super happy too. He is a dog kinda guy and has wanted a dog for some time!

Sorry I don't have any stamping to show you right now. I did make a scrapbook page yesterday but I can't show it to you yet!!! I am going to scrap with Jill again today so I promise to have some eye candy to show you tonight!

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Melissa said...

OMGosh!! What an adorable puppy!!!