Friday, June 27, 2008

My Happy Place

Oh, what a day!!! Nothing unusual happened. But with 4 toddlers, 2 puppies, and a hubby- everyday is an adventure. And today was no different. I kept Makenzie home from school today for a special day with mommy. We went to a swimming play date. Now have you ever seen anything so cute?!
I having been working on some cleaning and organizing in my stamp/scrapbook room this week. Every so often I have to go through and re-organize as I find I have new products and tools. I am happy to report that although I am sweaty and exhausted- I have found my happy place again!!! So I thought I would show it off tonight! First of all- I must warn you that my scrapbook room is pink with green polka dots. I am serious! Now pick your chin off the floor and check out my digs!
When we moved into this house a few years ago some friends painted my room for me and my hubby put this large counter top in. It goes across an entire wall and is about 2 feet deep! I LOVE it!!

I have struggled with paper storage for years- but I am happy to report that I have found a system that works for me!!!!
I have these 3 filing crates that I bought at Target. Two of them are for my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and one for my 12x12 cardtsock. I have a file folder for each of the 48 Stampin' Up! colors plus naturals and in-colors. Instead of organizing them by color families- I have them organized with all the blues together and greens together, etc. It is easier for me to find the paper that way. I used to waste to much time trying to figure out what color family a particular color was in. Whenever I have scraps that are smaller than 12 inches, I file them in front of the full sheets of 8 1/2 x 11. Then I can easily see if I have a scrap that is large enough or if I need to cut into a new piece. I am using so much more of my scraps now!!!!

This is my 12x12 and it is organized in the same basic way- except that I use the dividers that SU! sells because file folders won't fit in the crate. I didn't take a pic- but let me tell you a little about my pattern paper storage. I have 12x12 drawers that are in rolling carts under my counter. I have a couple of drawers just for SU! DSP. I keep the DSP in the original package it comes in and I do my very best to put all the scraps back in the package when I am done. The other drawers are used for non- SU! paper (organized by company with an extra drawer for "other"), envelopes, bags, projects that are in process, class projects, and my newest purchases. You can see these carts if you look at the 1st pic of my whole room. I bought the carts at Cosco.

This is my non SU! ribbon. It is stored up on a shelf in these cheap sterilite containers that I bought at Wal-Mart. I store my SU! ribbon in the storage system that SU! sells. But I am outgrowing them and I saw something at Michael's that I might have to try!
These 12x12 drawers are right above my workspace and contain my chipboard, hodgepodge, pretties, cutting tools, and various water coloring tools. I plan to label them- someday!
I store my punches on a towel bar that I purchased for a couple of dollars at IKEA. I am running out of space!!! I store some of my smaller punches in a hanging pail at the end of the bar.

I store my brads and buttons on these magnetic strips that I also purchased at IKEA. The brads stick right to the strip in the SU! container. The buttons I stick in these little round magnetic containers that I found at IKEA.

Here are my magazines. I am a magazine lover!!! I collect them! But I have promised myself not to keep more than a few months worth at my workspace. So I write down ideas or tear out a sketch and add it to my inspiration book. Then I have to the hard thing- and throw the magazine away!

Here are boxes with cards that I have made. They are super cheap show box containers that I got at Wal-Mart. I put all my cards in a clean envelope and then file them in these boxes by occasion. I made little dividers with the cardboard that comes in the DSP packs and the tab punch. Now I can find cards in a jiffy!
I like to showcase my newest creations on this old china cabinet. It used to be my mom's and I repainted it and took the doors off. It works out great in my craft room and allows me to feel inspired by my own work!

I store my SU! stamps in plate racks that hang on the wall. I purchased about 12 of them for IKEA for a couple of dollars each. Now I can see my stamp sets!!! It is easier to find what I am looking for as I have them separated by them (Christmas, sentiments, Alphabets, baby, ect) but it also makes it easier to find a set when you are not sure what you are looking for! These racks hang all over my room!
I hope you have enjoyed the tour!!!! I have more to show- but it is too dark to take pics! Leave a comment with some of your favorite storage tricks. I know everyone loves to get new ideas that the heap of stuff that we "need."
I am heading for the couch!!!


arrione said...

Wow, Jamie. The room looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your room! It looks great...I have a corner of a damp basement and I hate it. Love the plate rack idea, and the towel bar for punches.

Carrie A

Tanya said...

Wow! What a neat idea to store your stamp sets that way!

Tandra said...

What a fun, bright HAPPY place to create in!!!

candy said...

i love your little store! I mean, scrapbook room!


Anonymous said...

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