Sunday, February 17, 2008

Four Kids and a Grocery Store

For those of you who don't know- I have four toddlers. My oldest, just turned 4. I have twins who are 2 1/2 and the youngest is 1 1/2. Scary, huh?

I needed a few things for dinner tonight so I had the dumb idea of taking all four kids to the grocery store by myself. (Are you laughing yet?) The store was crowded and I had to park quite a ways from the door. This should have been my first sign. But no. I was in super mom mode. I took all the kids out of the truck and convinced them to all hold hands as we walked in the store. (There was some fighting over who held whos hand- but not too bad).

When we got inside the store (after numerous people stopped to stare) I found they they did not have any car carts left. If you have kids, you know what I am talking about. I broke the news to the kids. Two were pretty upset. I pulled out two carts and the kids began arguing about who would sit where. We ended up with Danika in the front of one cart, laynee and Kyler in the basket of the second cart and Makenzie in the front of that cart. By this time a line has formed behind me waiting to get at the carts. This is also the time that I get asked if they are triplets.

We proceed to produce (I am pushing one cart and pulling the other). I get some tomatoes. The kids fight over who will hold them. I didn't want anyone to hold them. I lost. It was time to get Bananas. Laynee threw a fit. This is her favorite food. Kyler becomes annoyed with her tantrum and begin kicking her. She cries even louder. I get asked if they are triplets. Another person comments that I have my hands full.

I move to the next aisle. Laynee is still screaming and now putting her legs over the side of the cart and trying to climb out. A woman stops and asks "What did you do to this baby?" I bite my toungue.

Laynee stops crying when I get to the cereal aisle. I gave each kid a box to hold. By the time we got to the end of the aisle- they were trading each other boxes.

The kids ask for cookies. I tell them "no" because they havn't had lunch. Dumb mom. Why didn't I just give them cookies. Someone asks if I have triplets.

The kids begin complaining as I go down the freezer aisles that they are cold. Laynee takes off her shoes, socks, and hair bow. I think that was my punishment for not giving her the banana.

Tomatoes are not in good shape by this point. Looks like we will be having tomatoe juice this week.

Finally I have made it down all the aisles!!! Then I remember that I forgot the taco seasoning that I need for tonight's dinner. It's clear on the other side of the store. I sure am getting tired of pushing two carts. I have run my own foot over several times and nearly taken out an entire retirement community. I am not a good driver. I want to impress my hubby with this fabulous dinner so I head to the other side of the store.

I go down the aisle. It's the wrong aisle. Dang it! The kids keep asking questions. "Where are the taco? Are we having pink tacos? Are we almost there?" People are staring. An employee asks if I am finding everything alright. I bite my toungue again.

Finally time to cash out. Kyler won't sit down and keeps pushing the cart with Danika.

The cashier asks how I am doing. I say "fine." I am a good liar. She asks if they are triplets. The bag boy asks if I need help out. Did he need to ask? I get Danika out of her cart because the bagger has put the groceries in a 3rd cart and we can't get three carts out. Now all the kids want out. They are crying and trying to climb out. A man stops me to ask if they are triplets.

Twenty minutes later the groceries and the kids are loaded. Mission accomplished.

And just in case you were wondering - I forgot to cook the dinner. We ended up having Mac and Cheese. Brilliant, huh?


Patty W said...

Poor thing!

Been there, done that and I only had two!

Thanks for the giggles :)

Kim said...

GREAT story. I laughed through almost the entire thing. I've been there...well not really, I only have one kid and she'll be two on Saturday! Hope everyone enjoyed the mac'n'cheese!

Amy said...

I have tears rolling down my cheeks, not at you but just because I can totally relate, I have 3 kids all close in age and I KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RACE CAR CARTS luckily bashas here has a cub house where you drop off the kids while you shop (once they are potty trained). It's nice to see that other people go through the same struggles with a simple task such as grocery shopping.
Gotta love the mac n cheese

azhawk said...

Oh my Gosh! This is dad nearly rolling on the floor with laughter. This morning I decided to make your blog site my home page at work too. Sure glad I did because now I know why I love you soooo much! :-)
Thanks for being such a great mom to our grandkids. Sorry we got disconnected several times last night.



Shelly said...

I can totally relate, I have three close in age and know the effort it takes to do anything in public with little ones! When we have Mac-n-Cheese it's because I'm too tired to cook anything else! You go girl!

Krystie Lee said...

Oh, you poor girl! Great story! What is up with people and their dumb comments/questions?!

I have ONE 2 year old, you are amazing!