Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rub On Magic

Here is a little secret....starting tomorrow there is going to be a special on Stampin' Up Rub Ons!!! Make sure to check back for all the details!

Have you ever used the rub-ons? They are so neat! Today I have a list of my favorites ways to use rub ons!!!

1. Directly on to a picture

2. On a candle

3. On glass jars

4. On those cute tins in the $1 spot at Target

5. on cardstock and patterned paper

6. On Chipboard

7. On buttons

8. On picture frams and shadow boxes

9. On ribbon

10. On scrapbook album covers

11. On plates

12. On Coffee mugs

13. On Christmas Ornaments

14. On Dray erase boards

15. On Chalk Boards

16. On Magnets

17. On wooden shapes and decor

18. On plastic containers

19. On tin containers (paint cans, the containers that Build a Brad and Hodge Podge come in, etc)

20. on your nails!

Can you think of others? Leave a comment and let us know about your creative uses for rub ons! And I will see you tomorrow for more info on how you can get your rub ons at a huge discount! PLUS- I have some fun rub-on projects to show you this week!

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