Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not your average milk carton!

I love making cute little treat containers for friends, teacher and the kids' classes! So when I saw the milk carton Big Shot die, it was love at first sight!!!! I made this first one for the hostess of my workshop last Friday.

I couldn't help myself....I had to make another one of those paper flowers with circle punches! (I also HAD to taste test the M&Ms I put inside. I am all about quality control!)

This carton really matches the card I posted a few days ago....

Now who wouldn't want to get this fun little ensemble?!

So I am a little nervous! I am working on my last 2 classes to get my Secondary teaching certification. Tomorrow I am starting a new practicum and it is in an Economics class. Me? Teaching high school Economics? I know about as much about Economics as my husband knows about stamping!!!! Crazy!!!!  So keep your fingers crossed for those poor students! (Unless you can't stamp with your fingers crossed. In that case- maybe cross your toes!)


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