Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All you need is 9 1/2 toes!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday! Due to my toe injury (sounds kinda sissy, huh?) I was unable to walk. And what do you suppose I did all day??? Stamp, of course!!!! I made some awesome projects for some upcoming events that I am hosting. First, you wanna see my toe???

Well too bad! It's too painful to take the bandage off!!! And gross, I might add! But it is amazing what one can do with only 9 1/2 toes. This morning I got all 4 kids up, diapers changed, hair done, and dressed and broke up many fights. I also managed to feed the puppies. This was a tougher task since they wanted to check out my bandage! I then loaded all 4 kids into the car. Not easy when you can only wear one show and there are tons of rocks in the driveway! It was also not easy to climb in the back of the SUV to buckle up car seats.

But then we were off! I decided to swing through Burger King drive through for breakfast. Everything went well until I realized that they forgot one of the meals. So I tried to back up to the window- but a car came zooming around the corner and we had a near collision. So I drove to the front of the restaurant and decided to send my oldest (he's 4) in to ask for the meal we were missing. (Keep in mind that we live in AZ and the pavement is VERY hot on a shoeless foot.) My son couldn't open the door to get out because we had the child lock on it! Dang it!!! So I finally decided to hop in. Isn't it amazing what I will do for some food?! I was about half way to the door when the manager came out with my missing meal. He didn't apologize. He just asked "Are you ok?" Why wouldn't I be ok??? I am just hopping on one foot through the HOT Burger King parking lot with 4 preschoolers waiting in the car!!!!

Then I dropped the three oldest kids at their preschool. Lots of hopping. Very hot. And lots of rocks. Next I took the baby to her daycare. More hopping. And more rocks. I finally get back to the car and wouldn't you know it- I left my keys in the office!!!!! More hopping!!!

Now I am home. But just briefly. Today is my first day at my new job at Michael's! I see a lot more hopping in my future! On the plus side, I am going to have some kicka@@ muscles in my legs when all is said and done!!!!

More good news- my new computer is set up and all my pictures are back!!!!! So I am sharing with you another one of the cards we will be making at my Chipboard class this Friday night.

All the DSP is from the Crew Kids Girl Simply Scrappin' kit. I covered the chipboard heart with DSP and then sanded the edges. I also added a flower and brad from the pretties kit.

Off to work! See ya later!

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Amanda said...

Goodness! I sure hope your foot gets better soon!!! That is a whole lot of hopping! Better be careful or you'll hurt the other foot hopping so much ! LOL