Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Welcome Jill with some Candy!!!

I am so blessed to work with such a fabulous and talented group of women in my downline! And the line is continuously growing!! I have mentioned before that Jill had decided to join my family- but today she made it official! (I sure do love the fact that new recruits can sign up instantly on my website!)

Jill is no stranger to SU! products. She has been stamping longer than I have!!! She owns some old SU! stamp sets that I had never even seen before! Jill has been scrapping since the Creative Memories/Sticker age and has been a member of my scraper's club (read the post below for more info) for the past year.

But I have been friends with Jill for much longer than that. I met Jill on the very day that I found out I was having twins. They say that God puts people in your life for a reason!!! Jill was a ton of help with the twins when they were itty bitty! She continues to be that friend you text (sign of the ages) when you are having a crazy day!

Jill is the mother of 2 beautiful girls. She is also a Border Patrol wife.

I am so happy that Jill is now a part of my "family" and to celebrate- I thought it would be fun to give away some blog candy!!! I could not think of a more appropriate blog candy then to give the winner one of each of the projects my downline gals will be making tomorrow at out stamp together!!! All of the projects are made using new products from the SU! preview catalog. So here is a peek at just a few of the projects:

And there are more!!!! Here is what you need to do to win this candy: leave a comment on this post with a tip for Jill. In can be a stamping tip or a business tip. You don't need to be a demo to enter! I will let Jill pick a winner on Monday night! Good luck!

PS- Jill don't kill me for posting your pic!!! You look great!!!


Lyndsay said...

OK, I totally want to win! I'm not a demo or a business woman but I do have a tip (!): be a good communicator. Send out email messages, have classes, start a blog or whatever. I feel like the better communicator you are the more people will like you, remember you and want to do business with you.

I hope that was a good tip. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh my goodness I so want to win (yes, we all want the goodies but I really really want them the most *LOL*!!) I have been drooling over these cute cards over the past coule days and even sketched them out on paper so I wouldn't forget to try to make something like it when I get some free time to stamp. Of course, make it fun and keep it simple. This would be my plan: make cards and send them out; a note to say hello - from the favorite "demo" of course. Do this on a fairly regular basis, but keep it as a surprise sort of theg - so they are not expecting it. Mass produce super cute cards using all your latest SU supplies and send them to your customers. Let them feel how great it is to get a sweet note "just because" and let them seee what cute cards can be made with SU! Oh and keep track of their birthdays - send out special cards all year. Pretty soon they will all want to do it to so they can make others feel good the way you've made them feel.

Tanya said...

Fun!! My best tip is the hardest for me- make the dang phone calls! actually pick up the phone and call people about hosting, follow up with their orders to make sure they're happy, remind them about your upcoming class, whatever, but do it! You get much better results when you do. And don't give up, just try new things to make it work the way you want/need it to.
Congrats to both of you!

Maria H. said...

The cards are too cute! I'm a very new demo (just since May 08) but my advice would be to just jump in and do it! I have learned a TON from splitcoast, so I check in there daily. Don't be afraid to ask questions too, there are no silly questions! Good luck!

Doris said...

hi, I want win too! any tip? just keep smilling, and make people feel happy

Tami said...

Congratulations Jill and GOOD LUCK with your new business venture! I think some good advice is to be generous. I find that I tend to trust others and purchase more when they have been generous towards me! I also believe the more you give in life the more you get in return! It just makes people feel good to get a little extra surprise here and there. And in today's economy, everyone deserves a break now and then! Thanks to BOTH of you for the chance to win a GREAT prize . . . I LOVE the ideas on this blog . . . they keep me coming back for more!

sandyh50 said...

Congrats Jill! As a new stamper 2 years ago in a monthly stamp class I needed projects that were easy enough for me to do without being overwhelming. Keep it simple for the newbies. And give good advice for firsttimers buying SU products. Like buy 1 paper, inkpad and reinker per month to build up your supply. And keep up the monthly emails and when they post to a gallery, COMPLIMENT THEIR WORK! LOL!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Jill! Sounds like you already have it together, so just relax and enjoy what you are doing.


scfranson said...

I'm not a rep but a customer. My best suggestion is "a thank you goes a long way to earn a good customer".

Heidi Abel said...

Thanks for the chance to win....Advice? Well, I like to get my orders back in a timely manner. We're addicts and we need our stuff, lol!
Good Luck!
Stamp Hugz,
Heidi Abel

michelle ip said...

I'm not a demo, just a customer and I guess my tip would be not to be pushy. I know demo's make money off how much they sell but I hosted a party with a demo I never had before and I had invited a friend that had never done this stamping thing before. Well, the demo was extremely pushy towards my friend, trying to get her to buy something (which I understand is her job, but I feel she crossed the line). I was really turned off by this. I want people to have fun and leave feeling excited about having discovered this new fun hobby, not leave with a negative feeling. I have since found a different demo. Anyway, sorry about this long rant. I think SU demo's are great and very talented!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Cyndi Bundy said...

These are such cute projects! You are making me wish I had preordered more...a tip...hmmm...just share what you love and they will feel your enthusiasm!

Stampin Cats said...

Create a blog and they will come. I am always looking for great SU bloggers. I am always looking for different ways to use my SU stuff.