Friday, July 11, 2008

New Compuer....No Pictures!!!

My computer has been on the fritz for a while. In computer land- it was kind of old- 4 years. So my DH was sick of my yelling at the computer and decided to order a new one!!! It came yesterday and it is up and running! I also got upgraded Internet service and a new motem. So I will be able to blurf at lightening speed now. But the problem....all my pics are on my old computer!!!! I had stuff to share today!!! But it is much too dark to take new pics. So tomorrow I will re-photograph or get DH to transfer the pics. So stay tuned!

The kids are in bed and DH is playing with the puppies....I think I am going to steal some scrapping time!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hola...when hubby gets it all worked out, will you please send me the pics from when I was out there? Muchas gracias!
Cousin Jen