Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fueling the Imagination

I had the honor of taking my 5 year old son to get his first library card last week. It was a scrappable memory for sure!!!! I actually searched for digi kits before we even left for the library. I wanted to be prepared.

A lot of people have asked me about what program I use to do my digi scrapping. I use Photo Shop Elements 5.0. There are now new versions. But I definatly recomend this program. I use it for all my photo editing as well. I am not a fan of those scrapbooking programs that they sell at office stores. I personally think that they are cheesy and limiting. I will probably get a few comments about that one!!! But I am just giving my opinion. If you are new to digi scrapping- I would highly recommend taking an online class with Jessica Sprague. My very favorite place to buy digi kits is the Sweet Shoppe. And my very favorite (and informative) digi scrapping blog is the Daily Digi. I hope that all of these resources help you out!!!

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Tanya said...

This is a very fun page!
We got to the library enough we sure could do the same thing...! :)