Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Play Ball

Every time I come into my office- I have the good intention to stamp. I want to!!! I really do!!! But here's the thing...I think I need some new stamps ; )  I am kinda bored with what I have and I think my creativity would be sparked by some new stamps!!!! Any suggestions on a nice spring/easter type stamp set?????

So after I stare at my stamps for a while, I always seem to end up on my computer playing in Photo Shop Elements. And befoer I know it, I have another digi scrapbook page!!! I have been taking so many pics lately and I am doing more scrapbooking than I can ever remember!!!! This digi stuff makes it so fast and inexpensive. So here is my latest creation...

I took these photos on Monday when my hubby and I took the kids to a Diamondbacks Spring Training game down in Tucson. Can you believe that I have already scrapped them?!!! I am about the start working with my St. Patty's Day pics!!! I am loving this baseball kit. I got it from the Sweet Shoppe and it is called Peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

I actually went searching for baseball kits when I decided to sihn my son up for a 3 day baseball camp. Yesterday was the first day. And it was entertaining. He looked like he would make a good Right Fielder ; ) While everyone stretched out, he just stood there!!! And when they would throw a ball to him, he would duck. But the best part was that by the end of the 2 hour camp- he was down on the ground, with his butt sticking up in the air while the other boys were playing!!! It was funny to watch! After that, my mom and I decided to go get him a tee and a bat. So yesterday afternoon we took all of the kids to the park to play t ball. My daughters loved it. My son spent most of the time just sitting in the grass. Then last night before bed he said to me "Can I please go to school tomorrow instead of baseball camp?" Awww. I am guess he is not going to be an All Star baseball player any time soon!!! Oh well!!!! I won't let this fun kit go to waste!

I promise to start stamping. I really do!!!!

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