Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Year

I am working ona digi album for a gift. It is not easy!!!! Most of the time I could make the layouts faster with real paper and some adhesive! But I am learning!!!! I actually took a class by Jessica Sprague and that is the only way I am able to make even this simple page!

The page was made with a kit called the Bella Collection. And the pictures are ones that I had taken when Laynee turned one. Aren't they sweet?

So what do you think? Go easy on me! I am new to this stuff!!!


Tracy Greven said...

I think it is did a great job !!! I too am just new at this digital stuff, but I am loving it!!! It will never replace my paper stuff, but is a nice addition.
Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

maggie fellow said...

I love this page. i am very new at this too! I agree, I could do a traditional page quicker. But Iam still compelled to try this stuff. And it is taking over my computer LOL. I took a class from Andrea Gold. tfs,