Saturday, May 31, 2008

a proud mommy!

I actually stamped a couple cards last night using my Fresh Cuts stamp set. And I made an SU! only scrapbook page this morning. But you have to wait until tomorrow to see my projects!!!

I have seen a lot of cute kids- but mine are the cutest! So I just can't help showing them off! These are pics that I took today when we were swimming at our local community pool.Kyler: He actually liked the water this year! He was petrified last year! (The scrapbook page that I stamped this morning is for these pics!!!! Can you believe that I made the page before we even went swimming?!)
Makenzie- She was a fish! I was shocked. She never got out and didn't want to go home either! And she had a smile on her face for the entire time!

Laynee- She is the youngest and I wasn't sure if she was going to like the water. She is scared of baths. But she did alright. She was hesitant. She didn't get too wet and liked to hold hands with someone.
Danika- She looks happy in this shot, but it quickly went downhill. She was scared of the water! She would stand at the edge and she didn't even like getting her feet wet. My DH finally got her in but he had to hold her with both arms or she would get scared. And she was only in about 6 inches of water!
So my non-swimmers spent more time in the chairs than in the water!

Lots of people ask me how I find time to scrapbook with four kids. I just tell them that if their kids were as cute as mine- they would make time to scrapbook them too!! All kidding aside, the way that I am able to find stamp time is that my DH is so supportive! He allows me to sneak away. I think he knows that I need it for my sanity!
See ya tomorrow for more stamping creations!

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